To succeed internationally you need more than just good English. You also need to understand the culture, protocol and diplomacy of how things are done…

Get the best resources which will help you improve in the most important area for you.  You have a variety of tools, exercises, worksheets, tests, articles, audio, video and access to the Best Club community for feedback and support.

  • Business English

    ♦ Find language improvement resources including links, exercises, articles, audio and video.

    ♦ Grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation.

    ♦ Comprehension, reading, writing, listening and speaking skills.

    ♦ Tips and guidance on professional communication in conversations, presentations, meetings, negotiations etc…

  • International Relations

    ♦ Understand the different culture, mentality and ways of integrating smoothly and positively.

    ♦ Guidance and tips on how to improve international relations and conduct foreign affairs correctly with tact and diplomacy.

    ♦ Be fully aware of the importance of different etiquette and protocol which exist in other countries and cultures.

  • Transitions

    ♦ Support through professional and personal transitions.

    ♦ Articles, podcasts and videos on leadership, team management, problem-solving and productivity.

    ♦ Tools to discover and explore how to make difficult choices and decisions.

    ♦ Expand and develop your strengths, ideas and capabilities.